Summary of the FIMI plus Production Rebate Scheme

28 Nov 2018

The FIMI plus 30% ATL and BTL Production Rebate is being extended, with the rebate available now standing at RM 100m (approx $25m) in 2019.  This is a another great reason for production companies to film in Malaysia!

To see if FIMI plus is right for your project, here is a summary of the FIMI plus scheme.  For full details and guidance contact us…

1. To qualify for the incentive the project must have qualifying spend of at least RM5,000,000.

2. Spend at least 10% of your Qualifying Malaysian Production Expenditure(QMPE) at Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios

3. Total QMPE to exceed RM5,000,000

4. Must have PUSPAL script approval

5. Must be produced by Eligible applicant producer as set out in the Guidelines clause 2.4


1. Foreign Cast fees are capped at 20% of total QMPE

2. Foreign Crew fees are capped at 20% of total QMPE

3. Foreign crew have a minimum work time of 14 days for their Fees to Qualify as QMPE.

4 Individual foreign cast and crew fees only amounts under the first RM7.5M are QMPE.

5 Individual local cast and crew fees only amounts under the first RM100,000 are QMPE.

6. 50% of Local Hires must be Bumiputra(Native Malaysian).


1.Insurance related to finance, Negative Film Risk, Weather and completion bonds.

2. Legal Expenses related to Financing

3. International Flights

4. Tax

5. Audit Fees related to FIMI plus audit report.

6. Amounts in excess of 5% of your pre-approved QMPE.

7. Expenditure incurred outside Provisional Certificate dates or after submission of final Certificate.

8. Expenses paid to Non-Malaysian companies other than labour.


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